If you are having difficulty collecting saliva, here are a few recommendations.
• press the tip of your tongue against your teeth very gently.
• think about your favorite dessert or something sweet.

A film develops in your mouth and on your tongue at night. You are asked to rinse out your mouth to remove that film before collection. But if you’ve already completed the process of saliva collection, that’s fine.
No. You should only drink water before doing the ’30-60 minutes after waking’ sample. No coffee or other caffeinated drinks.
No. If you are sick or under unusual stress, choose a different time for the saliva collection.
If you accidentally miss your collection time, please complete the sample as soon as possible (within an hour of the specified time). Please note the time of the sample on the tube.
If your bedtime is before the last saliva collection, please collect the last sample collection before you go to bed.
No. It is better to get another FLUIDS iQ sample kit from your health care provider. Start over and complete all sampling on the same day.