24 hr Comprehensive Urine Hormone Profiling (CUHP)

A summary of the three mediums used to test hormones: Blood, saliva and urine. Special attention is given to urine, with 24 hr ‘wet’ urine compared and contrasted to ‘dried urine ‘.
A deep interpretive dive into the multitude of analytes found in a 24 hr urine sample, specifically focusing on the primary hormones and their metabolites.


FLUIDS IQ’s Dr. Aron Gonshor’s explores the scientific underpinnings of today’s health and wellness topics in 15-minute segments to view at home and on the go.

Chronic diseases driven by metabolic dysfunction. New research suggests that the natural healing cycle becomes blocked by cellular miscommunication, allowing conditions like cancer, diabetes and some neurological disorders to persist.

Mouthwash is a useful adjunct to oral care, but may have a detrimental effect on the microbiome, increasing the risk of pre-diabetes and diabetes
The gut microbiome of people in the earliest stage of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), differs from that of healthy people. Inclusion of such microbiome features can improve the accuracy of predicting preclinical AD status.
Pathways leading to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease are now focused on the insidious effects on the brain of Fructose and Uric Acid, in great part due to the self-inflicted wound of our western diet
Recent studies are highlighting the importance of ongoing high intensity exercise in maintaining metabolic health, with the added feature of decreasing cancer risk and development.
The brain-body connection plays a key role in the maintenance of metabolic balance – specifically the control of insulin sensitivity of the cell and, ultimately, the regulation of blood glucose.


Yours to discover! Take a deep dive into the world of FLUIDS iQ’s analytical wellness tests with presentations by, and discussions with, FLUIDS iQ’s own Dr. Aron Gonshor.

A discussion about the important addition of a metabolic component to FLUIDS iQ’s popular salivary Stress and Hormone Profile test: The measurement of fasting and non-fasting Insulin.
Salivary hormone analysis: Assessing adrenal and sex hormone levels, stressors & catabolic/anabolic balance, and their relationship to intestinal and overall systemic function.
A deep dive into Cortisol, Melatonin and Secretory IgA – the 1st line of immune defence by the body.

Dried Blood Spot

Discussing the intestinal mucosal barrier: An in-depth analysis of intestinal permeability, inflammation, dysbiosis and food sensitivity, as well the use of the FLUIDS iQ’s Intestinal iQ™ series of tests in its assessment.
The microbiome, its relationship to nutrition and a multitude of inflammatory processes, with emphasis on how this impacts immune balance and autoimmune diseases in the body.
An in-depth discussion of the tests that comprise FLUIDS iQ’s Intestinal iQ™ series, emphasizing Zonulin (permeability) as well as Histamine/Diamine Oxidase (inflammation and barrier integrity). In addition, tests for IgG food sensitivity and Candida are highlighted.

Dried Urine

The microbiome, sleep, melatonin and how their regulation helps in balancing metabolic function and optimizing health.
The interconnectedness of the brain, the gut and its resident microbiome, as well as the challenges of ‘burnout’ and strategies to alleviate its effects.
The use of dried urine as a medium for the assessment of digestion, liver function & detoxification, as well as cellular oxidative stress.


An overview of FLUIDS iQ’s testing profiles for hormones (saliva), intestinal biomarkers (blood spot) and metabolic biomarkers (dried urine).
Discussing the strengths and drawbacks of the three most important fluid mediums used in modern wellness testing.
A review of screening biomarkers in understanding intestinal function and permeability, dysbiosis as well as chronic inflammatory disease.