FLUIDS iQ’s Dr. Aron Gonshor takes you on a deep dive into the biological underpinnings and the nuts and bolts of our Intestinal iQ™ and Metabolic iQ™ test categories, courtesy of The Human Optimization Podcast.

Part I • The Biological Underpinnings

In this first part of a 2 part series, Dr. Gonshor gives an overview of gastrointestinal physiology, focusing on the microbiome and immune balance. In addition, there is an in depth explanation of intestinal permeability and the importance of Zonulin, and its family of peptides, in the control of the intestinal intercellular space and the ‘Tight Junctions’.

Part II • The FLUIDS iQ Tests

In this second part of a 2 part series, Dr. Gonshor discusses the series of tests provided by FLUIDS iQ in its Intestinal iQ™ series, including Zonulin, Histamine/Diamine Oxidase, and Candida. He also explains the role of food sensitivity testing in this testing profile. He finishes by discussing Metabolic iQ™ – dried urine screening tests for digestive function, liver detoxification and cellular oxidative stress.