Hormonal Wellness

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FLUIDS iQ offers a choice of SALIVARY and URINE hormonal testing suites. 

Hormones play a key role in an individual’s overall health and wellness. Stress, mood, memory, energy, menstrual cycles, weight gain\loss, sleep and libido are just some of the key facets of a person’s well being that may be directly affected by their hormone levels. Hormones that are well balanced contribute to overall wellness and good health.

The FLUIDS iQ Suite of Hormone Tests
Hormonal Wellness

Why We Test Hormones
in Saliva

Saliva is a mirror of the body’s health and wellbeing. Most of the bio-molecules found in blood and urine can also be found in saliva. In fact, as a screening medium, saliva is considered, by many, as the ideal candidate. Given that saliva collection is simple and non-invasive, it helps explain why we consider saliva to be the blood of the 21st century™.

24 Hour Comprehensive
Urinary Hormone Profile

When salivary hormone screening tests lead to a decision for a more in-depth analysis, there is no better way than to consider the the 24 hour CUHP. It is the long established gold standard for urine testing, giving a very clear portrait of the primary hormones, their metabolites and the many enzymatic pathways controlling hormone metabolism.