Cortisol stress diurnal

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Who is This Test For?

Cortisol stress diurnal

Each of us responds to stress in our own unique way. One of the possible reasons for that is how our bodies produce the key “stress hormone,” Cortisol. Measuring its levels over the course of a complete day, a “diurnal cycle,” is something that can help anyone determine how our bodies are responding and adapting to continued stress.

The Diurnal Cortisol test is one of our foundational hormone tests for measuring levels of adrenal function. It provides a convenient way of measuring Cortisol, the body’s key “stress hormone,” over the course of a day.

Diurnal Cortisol

Our Diurnal
Cortisol Test

Stress is everywhere today, and in our bodies, it’s no secret which hormone plays a key role: Cortisol. This test is the simplest way to measure its levels over the course of a whole day.

About Cortisol

Cortisol stress diurnal

Cortisol levels typically follow a curve: They are at their highest in the morning and decline as the day continues. They may fluctuate high or low at any of the four measurement times throughout the day due to acute or chronic stress. Sustained high or low levels are often found in individuals with an imbalance in adrenal function.