FLUIDS iQ® recently launched our updated series of intestinal tests, featuring our triad of Zonulin, Diamine Oxidase\Histamine and Total IgG food sensitivity tests. We call it Intestinal iQ™ and it comes with an enhanced graphic layout of the results together with a detailed interpretation.

Why Intestinal iQ™?

FLUIDS iQ® is continually striving to provide wellness professionals with innovative and clinically useful tests. Our Zonulin test has been extremely well received, often being called a ‘game changer’ by those who use it. In combination with Total IgG for 24 or 88 foods it has proven to be an extremely useful screening tool of intestinal status. Ongoing research and clinical studies, together with numerous requests from the health care community, has led to our decision to add a third test to our series – the Diamine Oxidase (DAO) / Histamine test.

Histamine is well known as one of the principle pro-inflammatory proteins, responsible for a myriad of allergic responses in the body, including increases in gastric acid secretion, intestinal inflammation and permeability. DAO is the main enzyme that breaks down histamine in the intestine and helps to maintain gastrointestinal balance.

Why Use Intestinal iQ™ tests?

Each of the tests in the Intestinal iQ™ series is useful in and of themselves. When combined, however, they paint a vivid portrait of an individual’s gut status that is unattainable when testing individual markers alone.
Zonulin, our test for “leaky gut”, is the foundational test in the Intestinal iQ™ series. Foods, nutrients, medications, alcohol, pesticides, toxins, viruses, bacteria, and fungus all come into intimate contact with the body through the gut. When the gut barrier becomes damaged by food allergens, chemicals, antibiotics, or infection, this important barrier function can be compromised, leading to increased intestinal permeability, or “leaky gut”.  

The Importance of testing the complete triad, by adding our DAO\H and Total IgG food sensitivity tests.

Including an analysis of DAO/H enhances the portrait begun with the Zonulin screening test by assessing levels of allergic inflammation and the body’s ability to decrease inflammation in the gut. DAO and Histamine can tell if there are problems breaking down Histamine, or if there is inflammation causing allergic-type symptoms. If there are GI symptoms such as reflux, irritable bowel disease, chronic diarrhea, or food sensitivities, then this test profile helps in finding the underlying causes of these symptoms. When Zonulin is used together with our DAO/H and Total IgG-24 or 88 foods panels, the combined profile gives a very clear and powerful portrait of the following: 1) The enzymatic and dysbiotic effects on GI function (Total IgG 24 or 88) 2) Inflammatory and permeability changes, both local and regional (DAO/H) 3) Intestinal permeability changes (Zonulin)